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When our customers contact us, they typically inquire about the following common questions. Our team has provided answers to assist you. If you can’t find the information you need here or require further clarification, feel free to watch our how-to videos or reach out to us directly. We’re here to support you!

Pacific Mobile Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like to become a customer, please complete the Accounting Billing Form and the Business Credit Application for your business or the Consumer Credit Application as an individual consumer. Please return the completed forms to pmsi@pacificmobile.com or call us at 800.225.6539.
It depends. Permitting requirements vary and are our customers responsibility to obtain. Contact your local building department to determine what is required in your area. Counties and districts have local code enforcement agencies that require most customers to obtain a permit. A customer should always check with the local agencies before bringing the building on site. The local agency will provide detail forms and requirements for the customer to obtain a permit.
A tie-down plan provides the required tie-down locations for your building in order to resist wind loads. The foundation plans and tie-down plans are usually combined. Tie-downs are usually a required part of a mobile building install, and if obtaining a permit, you’ll also need to include engineering plan & calculations. Tie-downs are installed around the perimeter of the building and help stabilize the building during windy days, along with keeping the building from falling off the temporary steel pier foundation. They are a work-safe must have!

As part of your rental agreement, you are required to obtain general liability and property insurance with Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc. listed as Additionally Insured/Loss Payee. Please see attached sample Certificate of Insurance (COI) for an example. If you do not provide a COI as required per the Lease Agreement Terms and Conditions prior to delivery of your leased office or container, a non-insurance surcharge will be added to your monthly invoices for each required insurance coverage not provided. If you are an individual consumer renting only a container, you are not required to maintain property insurance.

No, there is no minimum lease term. Do you need a mobile office for a weekend rental, or for a short-term event? We can work with you! Speak with your sales representative for more information on short term rentals.
For us to deliver your modular solution, a firm/compact, level site that is accessible by truck/delivery equipment will be needed. If you are unsure if a building will fit on your site, contact our sales experts! We can help with determining what building will work within your site.
Typically, in-stock standard plan buildings can be delivered within one to two business days. For buildings that require customization, the delivery time will vary based upon the extent of the modifications.
The best way to ensure that a building will fit on your site is to contact Pacific Mobile and request a site visit. We will have a representative come to your site to assess both the proposed building location, as well as the access route to be taken for our trusted delivery crews. This is the safest method to determine whether a building size is suitable for your site conditions. Under certain circumstances, a nominal fee may be charged for this service.
Yes, after your lease is up, you automatically roll over to a month-to-month billing cycle. Rate increase may apply if your rental agreement has expired. If you are planning to keep the building longer, give us a call and we can walk you through the process together!
A foundation plan includes the information from a blocking plan, but also provides foundation and pier details for your building. The foundation plans and tie-down plans are usually combined.
Yes, we do. We only require two weeks notice to allow us to schedule pick-up. For example, if you notify us on the first of the month, you will only be billed for half a month.
Our billing cycles are a full calendar month. We do not play games with a 28-day (four week) billing cycle that results in 13 billings in one calendar year. 52 weeks divided by four is 13 billings!
As a part of our speed and ease commitment to our customers, our preferred method of payment is ACH. Please email billing@pacificmobile.com to request banking information. At this time, we also accept payment by check to PO Box 24747 Seattle, WA 98532, or by Visa or MasterCard by calling 855.701.5968. To request a copy of your invoice please email invoicerequest@pacificmobile.com

People seek modular building space for a multitude of reasons; many of which require quick action! Here’s a quick overview of the modular buildings we provide:
Container offices are ground-level, onsite solutions ideal for immediate needs. They’re ISO certified, equipped with heat and AC, and secure, as they have fully welded weather-resistant steel corrugated exteriors and window guards made of tamper-proof screws.
Containers offer short or long-term storage to secure your valuable equipment/supplies. We offer a wide range of container options to meet your storage and security needs on any jobsite or location.
Mobile office trailers are cost-efficient, convenient answers to many temporary office needs. Pacific Mobile offers a wide selection of sizes and floorplans, filling a variety of portable office space needs.
Complex modular offices provide double, triple, or even quadruple the square footage of our standard mobile office trailers when you have a larger footprint to work with.
Sales offices provide an upscaled attractive and immediate onsite presence and can be tailored to your specific need.
Portable classrooms are an ideal solution when you need additional educational space for students due to aging and outdated facilities, overcrowded classrooms, growing student populations and shifting demographics.

Whether on site, or between cities, Pacific Mobile will arrange for relocation of your modular buildings. By contacting your local Pacific Mobile office at 800.225.6539; all of the necessary arrangements can be made to relocate your building in a timely manner.
We request that a courtesy notice of two weeks be provided. However, we understand that there are times in which a customer may require an earlier removal date. In these instances, we work with each customer to do everything within our power to accommodate their needs!
Pacific Mobile can customize a building to meet your specific needs. We can provide virtually any modification including, adding doors, windows, interior partitioning, restrooms, floor coverings, special heating/air-conditioning/ventilation and customer specified exterior/interior wall finishes. Contact your local sales representative for the best direction when looking for a specific size.
  • All breakers in the main panel must be in the off position before generator is powered on/off each day.
  • Power requirement is single phase 208V or 240V. The tap on the dual primary voltage transformer within the BARD unit must be set to the appropriate voltage before initial startup.
  • Failure to follow procedure will result in severe damage to the electrical system.
  • Customer will be responsible for any damage or service calls related to improper wiring.

Furniture and Turnkey Solutions

Yes! As part of our innovative approach to temporary space solutions, we provide a variety of add-on products and packages that ensure your modular building is ready to work from day one. Steps, ramps, awnings and furniture packages are just a few of the additional products we offer. Learn more about our entire offering here. The best part – everything is delivered in your building. How’s that for turn-key?

Our sales representatives can walk you through the layout of your building and help you decide on the items needed for your space. All of our sales representative can draw your specific floorplan and design a furniture layout to meet your team’s needs.
Yes, we can always update your order prior to delivery or add on additional items once you have occupied the building. There may be additional delivery charges for post-occupancy deliveries.
We cannot guarantee new furniture to any customer since our inventory comes and goes so quickly. Our furniture packages meet our building quality – top notch, but gently used. If you are ever unhappy, we will happily make it right.
Our in-stock furniture items are delivered in your building. When the keys are handed over to you from our experienced drivers, your ordered furniture is ready to use!
Talk to one of our sales representatives, they may be able to special order what you need.
Yes, all our standard furniture items come assembled. If you have ordered custom furniture, an assembly team may be scheduled to install your furniture on-site.

Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction is a building process in which a structure is constructed off-site, in a controlled factory environment, utilizing the same materials and designed to the same codes and standards as stick-built structures in half the time. While the building is constructed in “modules” off-site, the foundation is simultaneously built on site. When both are complete, the modules are transported and assembled on-site to reflect traditional stick-built structures’ design intent and specifications without compromise.
Yes. Permanent modular buildings are built to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as traditional stick-built structures.

Yes. Because the construction of the building, the site, and foundation work occurs simultaneously, projects utilizing modular construction are completed 30% to 50% sooner than traditional stick-built construction.

No. Permanent modular constructed buildings are built with the same architect-specified materials used in traditional stick-built construction – wood, concrete, and steel. Permanent modular constructed buildings are virtually indistinguishable from stick-built buildings.

Yes. Permanent modular construction results in a potential cost savings of up to 20% to 30% of a typical construction budget. Because modular construction utilizes more factory workers rather than individual tradesmen, labor costs tend to be less.

In addition to cost and time savings, modular construction also offers many other benefits. Modular buildings can be disassembled and relocated or refurbished for alternative uses. Modular buildings also produce less material waste by recycling materials, controlling inventory, and protecting building materials. Because permanent modular buildings are built in a controlled factory environment using dry materials, the threat of mold-causing moisture getting trapped is eliminated. Indoor construction also lends itself to the reduction of accidents and resulting liabilities for workers. Additional benefits include a better-engineered building and Building Information Modeling, as well as limitless design opportunities.

Everything you need to know about our containers.

90% of our containers arrive onsite in three days. In fact, we’re known in the industry for the speed and ease we bring to the container procuring process. We have a designated container specialist who is dedicated to your unique storage needs and will take care of you from the moment you call until the moment your container arrives onsite.
Each and every Pacific Mobile Container is secured with a lockbox and provided with specialized locks and keys. This means that only those who have the keys to your container have access, and you don’t have to go out and find a lock and key for your unit yourself.
Our containers are outfitted with industry standard forklift pockets and pick point on all four sides for easy relocation. It’s important to note that Pacific Mobile Structures does not relocate filled with any amount belongings inside. We are happy to relocate empty for any of our customers.
  • Containers are perfect storage and space solution for a variety of industries and Pacific Mobile Structures is proud to serve them all, including (but not limited to):  
  • Construction 
  • Government 
  • Education 
  • Industrial Manufacturing 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Agriculture 
  • Retail  
  • Healthcare 
  • Events and Entertainment 
We regularly have 8’ x 7’, 8’ x 10’, 8’ x 20’, and 8’ x 40’ single and double door options available.
Not only are our containers theft-proof, but they’re also sealed and wind and weather tight to protect anything and everything you store inside from outside elements like heavy rain, wind, snow, ice, extreme heat, and natural disasters. This also means that pests won’t find their way in either.

The container you’ll receive from Pacific Mobile Structures meets the highest quality standards. In fact, all of our containers are Grade-A, single-trip, and best-in-industry units fit for your unique storage needs. 

There are three questions you should have answers to before renting or buying a container:  

  1. How long do I need the container? Your answer to this question will help determine whether a rental lease or an outright purchase of a container will be most appropriate based on your needs. It’s important to note that rental rates are structured in a way that does not apply towards the eventual purchase of a container. Knowing how long you need a container upfront could save you money in the long run. Typically, if you need a container for a few years or permanently, you’ll be better off purchasing the unit rather than renting.  
  2. Where am I going to place the container? /Does the location offer adequate delivery space and level ground? Containers can only be placed in locations with adequate delivery space and level ground. The delivery of a container requires twice the length of the unit, plus another 10 feet in a straight line in addition to adequate clearance and width. The site where the container is to be placed must be level. If not, the doors may not function properly. If you need to place your container on a site that is not level, prepare for delivery with wood blocks to assist the driver in leveling the container. The placement site should also have sufficient drainage so that your container doesn’t end up sitting in standing water or cause your unit to become unlevel. 
  3. Are there any restrictions? Before renting or purchasing a container, it’s important to check that there aren’t any restrictions against containers in your area such as sub development, city, and county restrictions. Pacific Mobile Structures serves multiple areas and cities, and we are simply unable to keep track of all municipal restrictions across locations. 


Your lease includes service calls by Pacific Mobile and our authorized subcontractors for repairs resulting from routine wear and tear of the building (not including HVAC filters, fire extinguishers, fuses/breakers or light bulbs). To report an issue and schedule service you can call 800.225.6539; press option 2 for service when prompted.
You are responsible for routine janitorial services and maintaining the general cleanliness of the unit. You are also responsible for proper site drainage around the building and damage, deterioration, or contamination of the unit due to water infiltration or exposure. If a water leak occurs, it is your responsibility to notify Pacific Mobile immediately. Keep the unit properly ventilated and change Air conditioning filters every 30 days. All other air conditioning maintenance should be performed by trained and qualified HVAC technicians only. For additional information, please refer to our Service Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions - Payment Portal

The new billing changes are invoices and statements will soon be available online through our new payment portal.

The new billing changes will be effective on 10/2/23.

To log into the portal, when the portal is live, please visit pay.pacificmobile.com.
You will receive an email notification when your invoices are available.

There will be no formal training.

You can access the billing portal by visiting pay.pacificmobile.com when the payment portal is live.
The email will be sent to the designated email account(s) specified by the customer through the payment portal.
The administrator for payment portal account can add additional users.
The portal will include redesigned invoices to provide a fresh look and feel.
You can pay online via the new payment portal.
Online payment is not mandatory, but we encourage you to pay your invoices online.
You can pay via ACH, Visa, Mastercard, and Debit.
You can receive a print bill along with your electronic invoice, though we recommend you go paperless.
The portal allows you to view and print any invoices.

A new or current bill will be stored for viewing for one year.

Yes, the invoice will be attached to the email notification.
You’ll still be able to log into the portal to view, download, and pay your invoices if you receive a paper bill.

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