Get your building faster through a cooperative contract

If you’re a nonprofit or public-sector organization, you may be a member of a purchasing cooperative and eligible to procure your Pacific Mobile modular building through a purchasing contract. Going this route allows you to choose Pacific Mobile as your supplier while fully complying with the procurement requirements of your state.

Pacific Mobile services the following purchasing contracts:

Portable and Modular Buildings

Contract #: 4-10-56-0036A

Effective date: 7/1/2010


Contact Name: Stuart Kamstra


Phone: 209.846.7282

Vendor Profile

For government agencies in California, including state, county, city, district, or other local governments, as well as state university systems and K-12 public schools and community colleges empowered to expend public funds.

Modular Buildings and Building Materials

Contract #: GS-07F-5632R

Effective date: 8/15/2003


Contact Name: Kenna Draper


Phone: 208.258.8460

For federal government agencies.

Portable and Modular Buildings

Contract #: 15-255

Effective date: 6/1/2015

Contact Name: Mike O’Brien



Phone: 360.913.7174

Vendor Profile

Available to public school districts, educational service districts, state agencies, counties, cities, and colleges throughout the state of Washington as well as neighboring states.

Portable Modular Buildings

Contract #: 21020201

Exp. Date: 4/30/2024


Portable Modular Buildings (JOC)

Contract #: 21020202

Exp. Date: 4/30/2024


Contact Name: Tom Coyle


Phone: 360.572.5003

Serves entities such as state and local governments and non-profit organizations, including, but not limited to, K-12 school districts, charter schools, public and private colleges and universities, cities, municipalities, counties, parishes, state agencies, emergency services districts, and IRS-recognized nonprofits.


Modular & Portable Buildings for Classrooms, Offices, and Storage

Contract #: PCA OD-330-20

Effective date: 11/16/2020


Contact Name: Michael Thompson


Phone: 951.246.5163

For public-sector entities, including cities/municipalities, counties; states; federal and other agencies; Indian Tribal Governments; public, private and charter schools; state and private colleges and universities; non-taxed nonprofit religious and charitable organizations.

Modular Buildings, Classrooms and Relocation Services

Contract #: 637-21

Effective date: 3/1/2021


Contact Name: Michael Thompson


Phone: 951.246.5163

Open to Texas local governments, nonprofits, other political subdivisions, and school organizations that are members of the Texas Association of School Boards; those outside of the state of Texas may join the Buy Board National Purchasing Cooperative.

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