Video user's manual for Pacific Mobile buildings.

If you have questions about your Pacific Mobile building, this series of how-to videos can provide fast and ready answers. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for here, of course you can reach out to your personal representative or our top-notch service and maintenance teams.

How-To Videos.


Learn how to access user functions; switch between auto, heat, cool, and off; adjust temperature; turn the fan on and off, and set and enable or disable schedules.


This video will assist you in changing your unit’s heating and cooling system air filter. Frequent changing of the filter will assure you of maximum airflow and the most efficient heating and cooling.

Electrical Issues

This video will help you avoid improper functioning of heating and cooling system, improper kilowattage on a generator, lack of brownout kit, not powering everything off each night, and more.

How to Care for
Your Mobile Office

This video will help you with keeping your office trailer and classroom in good working condition, keeping energy costs low, reducing unplanned service interruptions, and expediting the return process.


When setting up your unit we want your experience to be as satisfying and easy as possible. This video reviews the tips and guidelines for setting up your water connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Permitting requirements vary and are our customers responsibility to obtain. Contact your local building department to determine what is required in your area. Counties and districts have local code enforcement agencies that require most customers to obtain a permit. A customer should always check with the local agencies before bringing the building on site. The local agency will provide detail forms and requirements for the customer to obtain a permit.
A tie-down plan provides the required tie-down locations for your building in order to resist wind loads. The foundation plans and tie-down plans are usually combined.
No, there is no minimum lease term. Do you need a mobile office for a weekend rental, or for a short-term event? We can work with you! Speak with your sales representative for more information on short term rentals.
A foundation plan includes the information from a blocking plan, but also provides foundation and pier details for your building. The foundation plans and tie-down plans are usually combined.
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As part of your rental agreement, you are required to obtain General Liability and Property Insurance.