Grade A Storage Solutions

Whether you know exactly what you want or could use some guidance, we’re ready to help. We’re known in the industry for our customer service. We have a designated container specialist who is dedicated to your unique storage needs and will take care of you from the moment you call until the moment your container arrives onsite.

Consistent Quality You Can Trust

All Pacific Mobile Storage Containers are New/One Trip or Grade A units for consistent quality you can trust. 

Not only do containers come in all shapes and sizes with single and double door options, but they also come in all different grades of quality. Below are the different grades of containers and a quick explanation of what each grade means. 

New/One Trip

Built within the last two years, in excellent condition, and used only once in international shipping. Wind and water-tight. 

Grade A

Very good condition with minimal rust, no major dents, and few to none roof patches with a floor in very good condition. Wind and water-tight. 

Grade B

Good condition with some minor and superficial rust, not exceeding 6 inches in diameter. All doors and gaskets are in good working condition with little to no rust around hinges and seals with some roof and floor patches. 

Grade C

Structurally sound with non-predominant rust that may exceed 6 inches in diameter. Doors are functional with potential light to medium rust around gaskets, top of door, or hinges. Roof and floor may have multiple patches and some de-lamination on the floor. 

Grade D

Functional and still wind and weather-tight with structural and more predominant rust, medium to severs around the seals. Doors can be hard to open and close and gasket may be loose. Large dents and deflections with loose and severely delaminated flooring. 

Grade F

High-quality food grade shipping containers that are extremely clean, wind and water-tight, and do not offer ground for strong smells, mold, or contamination.  

Everything you need to know about our containers.

90% of our containers arrive onsite in three days. In fact, we’re known in the industry for the speed and ease we bring to the container procuring process. We have a designated container specialist who is dedicated to your unique storage needs and will take care of you from the moment you call until the moment your container arrives onsite.
Each and every Pacific Mobile Container is secured with a lockbox and provided with specialized locks and keys. This means that only those who have the keys to your container have access, and you don’t have to go out and find a lock and key for your unit yourself.
Our containers are outfitted with industry standard forklift pockets and pick point on all four sides for easy relocation. It’s important to note that Pacific Mobile Structures does not relocate filled with any amount belongings inside. We are happy to relocate empty for any of our customers.
  • Containers are perfect storage and space solution for a variety of industries and Pacific Mobile Structures is proud to serve them all, including (but not limited to):  
  • Construction 
  • Government 
  • Education 
  • Industrial Manufacturing 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Agriculture 
  • Retail  
  • Healthcare 
  • Events and Entertainment 
We regularly have 8’ x 7’, 8’ x 10’, 8’ x 20’, and 8’ x 40’ single and double door options available.
Not only are our containers theft-proof, but they’re also sealed and wind and weather tight to protect anything and everything you store inside from outside elements like heavy rain, wind, snow, ice, extreme heat, and natural disasters. This also means that pests won’t find their way in either.

The container you’ll receive from Pacific Mobile Structures meets the highest quality standards. In fact, all of our containers are Grade-A, single-trip, and best-in-industry units fit for your unique storage needs. 

There are three questions you should have answers to before renting or buying a container:  

  1. How long do I need the container? Your answer to this question will help determine whether a rental lease or an outright purchase of a container will be most appropriate based on your needs. It’s important to note that rental rates are structured in a way that does not apply towards the eventual purchase of a container. Knowing how long you need a container upfront could save you money in the long run. Typically, if you need a container for a few years or permanently, you’ll be better off purchasing the unit rather than renting.  
  2. Where am I going to place the container? /Does the location offer adequate delivery space and level ground? Containers can only be placed in locations with adequate delivery space and level ground. The delivery of a container requires twice the length of the unit, plus another 10 feet in a straight line in addition to adequate clearance and width. The site where the container is to be placed must be level. If not, the doors may not function properly. If you need to place your container on a site that is not level, prepare for delivery with wood blocks to assist the driver in leveling the container. The placement site should also have sufficient drainage so that your container doesn’t end up sitting in standing water or cause your unit to become unlevel. 
  3. Are there any restrictions? Before renting or purchasing a container, it’s important to check that there aren’t any restrictions against containers in your area such as sub development, city, and county restrictions. Pacific Mobile Structures serves multiple areas and cities, and we are simply unable to keep track of all municipal restrictions across locations. 

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