An office pre-furnished and work-ready

If your temporary building needs custom walls or partitions, accessibility ramps or steps, furniture or accessories, we’ll supply, deliver, and set them up on-site so your people are ready to go to work on day one. Everything will arrive on time and accurately meet your specifications.
Furniture and Accessories

Complete Your Mobile Office: Furniture and Accessories for Productivity on the Go

Secure Your Mobile Office: Essential Security Options for On-the-Go Work

We understand that your mobile office is the heart of your business operations, and security is of the utmost importance. Our mobile office security options are designed with your peace of mind in mind. From locking systems and security bars, we offer a wide array of choices tailored to your specific needs. We know that safeguarding your valuable equipment, sensitive data, and personal safety is non-negotiable, which is why we continuously strive to provide you with the latest and most effective security innovations. With our mobile office security solutions, you can focus on your work with confidence, knowing that your mobile office is fortified against any potential threats, allowing you to maximize productivity and business success on the go.

Security Door Bar


Security door bar, per exterior door

Security Window Bars


Security window bar, per window

Security Lock


94 mm Heavy-duty steel padlock

All items are subject to available inventory. Item colors/types may also vary by location.

Frequently Asked Questions - Furniture and Turnkey Solutions

Yes! As part of our innovative approach to temporary space solutions, we provide a variety of add-on products and packages that ensure your modular building is ready to work from day one. Steps, ramps, awnings and furniture packages are just a few of the additional products we offer. Learn more about our entire offering here. The best part – everything is delivered in your building. How’s that for turn-key?

Our sales representatives can walk you through the layout of your building and help you decide on the items needed for your space. All of our sales representatives can draw your specific floor plan and design a furniture layout to meet your team’s needs.

Yes, we can always update your order prior to delivery or add on additional items once you have occupied the building. There may be additional delivery charges for post-occupancy deliveries.
We cannot guarantee new furniture to any customer since our inventory comes and goes so quickly. Our furniture packages meet our building quality – top notch, but gently used. If you are ever unhappy, we will happily make it right.
Our in-stock furniture items are delivered in your building. When the keys are handed over to you from our experienced drivers, your ordered furniture is ready to use!
Talk to one of our sales representatives, they may be able to special order what you need.
Yes, all our standard furniture items come assembled. If you have ordered custom furniture, an assembly team may be scheduled to install your furniture on-site.

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