Join Our Master Lease Program

At Pacific Mobile Structures, we’re big fans of master lease agreements. For years, they’ve empowered us to keep speed and ease at the center of everything we do with our most valued customers.

Ultimate speed and ease for processing, ordering, and delivery.

You’re invited to join our master lease program. As part of Pacific Mobile Structures’ Master Lease Program, you’ll benefit from a new kind of speed and ease. Master lease agreements allow your company to go through the legal process and check off terms and conditions once, rather than on a per quote basis. This allows for a quicker, more efficient ordering process keeping the ease of doing business at the center of your working relationship with us. Plus, when you have a master lease agreement with us, you’ll enjoy: 

Preferred Pricing

The price you pay for each and every one of your units is protected from price increases based on utilization levels.

Prioritization on Limited & Waitlisted Inventory

You’re first in line to get the units you need when inventory is low or out of stock.

Why Pacific Mobile for your
mobile office rentals?

As the industry consolidates and other companies are being bought out, Pacific Mobile maintains the same consistent market presence we’ve had for 30 years.These are the fundamentals that built our business. You can count on us to continue to deliver them.

Customer-first in all we do

  • One-to-one personal relationship with a dedicated rep to handle all of your orders
  • Local branch offices that know your market, reaching out to tap expertise companywide
  • 24-hour response time for maintenance issues
  • Dedicated, responsive teams for installation and maintenance
  • Family owned and operated — able to invest in relationships

Exceptional modular buildings

  • Multipoint inspection process for buildings consistently delivered in top condition
  • Buildings delivered to order, accurately as requested
  • Job-ready structures configured and delivered as promised — ready to work from day one
  • Fully staffed service department backed by a significant maintenance budget to uphold consistent quality standards
  • Can deliver with internal walls/partitions, ramps, or steps for accessibility, and furnishings

Deepest industry expertise

  • Broad scope of staffing and talent to handle every issue or need
  • In-house relocation service crews (not outsourced) who are experts at what they do and share our customer-first values
  • Able to work with challenging sites and installations
  • Industry-specific knowledge in construction, energy, food processing, agriculture, distribution, healthcare, education, and government
  • Able to anticipate and solve problems proactively

Get what you need, when you need it, with the ultimate
speed and ease, and zero hassle.

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