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Pacific Mobile Structures Empowers Higher Education Through Scholarships: The Inspiring Success Story of Nada, A Community Health Advisor in the Madagascar Peace Corps

Pacific Mobile Structures is a company that takes pride in providing exceptional modular buildings to customers all over the Western United States, Texas, and Arizona. However, the company’s commitment to excellence and empowerment goes beyond its products and services. In fact, Pacific Mobile Structures also offers scholarships to the children of their employees to help them pursue higher education. 

Pacific Mobile Structures awards varying numbers of scholarships to employees’ children each year to support them in university, community college, junior college, trade, or technical school education. This is a significant investment in the future of the company’s employees and their families. It is an initiative that aligns with the company’s values of community support, lifelong learning, and empowerment. 

Delinda, one of Pacific Mobile Structures’ employees, recently expressed her gratitude for the company’s scholarship program. Delinda’s adult children were all recipients of the scholarships a few years ago, and she shared that it helped them immensely in getting where they are today, especially her youngest daughter, Nada. 

Nada is currently serving in the Madagascar Peace Corps as a Community Health Advisor. She was among the 21 new Peace Corps Volunteers who were sworn in on May 5th, 2023, in Antananarivo by U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Tobias Glucksman. This event marked a significant milestone in the rebuilding of the Peace Corps program after the global evacuation of volunteers due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. 

During the 12-week training in Malagasy language and culture, as well as in technical skills, Nada excelled and emerged top of her class. Consequently, she was chosen to give the speech in Malagasy at the swear-in ceremony. Nada and the rest of the volunteers will now move to their project sites around Madagascar, where they will serve for two years. All the volunteers are health advisors who will support the work of local Centres de Santé de Base (CSB) to enhance maternal and child health, promote access to clean water and sanitation, and improve youth reproductive health (learn more about this mission here). 

Nada’s achievement is not only a testament to her hard work and dedication but also to the support and opportunities provided by scholarship programs like Pacific Mobile Structures’. Her story is inspiring and highlights the significant impact that scholarships and community support can have on individuals and their families, as well as their ability to give back to their communities through meaningful work and service. 

Garth Haakenson, the President and CEO of Pacific Mobile Structures, expressed his congratulations to Nada and noted how it feels good to be able to help out with her achievement. Pacific Mobile Structures takes pride in supporting the education and growth of its employees’ children and contributing to the success stories of individuals like Nada. 

Congratulations Nada! Keep up the great work.


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