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5 Ways Modular Construction Can Save Your Company Time

Summer is upon us, but thanks to modular construction, companies are not too late to plan their summer construction project. One of the main benefits of modular construction remains time savings; from start to finish, regardless of your industry needs. A perfect example, just last year, the Richland School District in Eastern Washington broke ground on an entire school campus in May. It opened the doors to almost 600 students, for the first day of school, September 1, 2015, at Three Rivers HomeLink.

Five Ways Modular Construction Saves YOU Time:
  1. Modular solutions and concurrent construction phases get you equipped 35% faster.
  2. Concurrent construction phases allow for reduced project time, and the ability to develop conceptual floor plans in days, instead of weeks.
  3. Help industrial companies avoid overcrowding and manage fluctuating business demands with timely delivery.
  4. With full turnkey projects, you can have one contract with no hassle and no worries. You do not need to hire multiple trades to complete your modular project when you choose a modular construction company that completes the project from start to finish.
  5. Modular construction is not completely reliant on the weather. Work completed in the factory remains climate-controlled throughout the year.

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