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Top 6 things to research before ordering a modular building

Modular construction is great solution for the education, construction, healthcare, general administrative, retail, equipment/storage, security, and emergency/disaster relief markets.

Interested in commercial modular construction? Check out these top things to consider before proceeding with modular construction.

1. Is your site accessible for normal truck delivery?
Keep in mind that our delivery trucks are 24′ long and modular buildings can be up to 14′ wide and 15′ tall! Check your site for low hanging trees, narrow entrance gates, and obstructions such as parked cars, concrete bollards, manhole covers, or overhead wires.

2. How quickly do you need your modular building?
We offer options for both a leased building that can be delivered quickly or custom building that can be modified to suit every need. Did you know that modular construction can reduce your construction schedule between 35-50% compared to stick built construction.

3. What size modular building do you need?
We offer multiple sizes and can even custom-size a building to fit your unique modular building needs!

4. How many people will need to occupy the building?
This is all dependent on the space you need and if there are any special needs or requirements. Whether a office, breakroom, portable classroom, or medical clinic, etc. we’ll find the right modular building to fit your right needs.

5. Does my site have enough electrical and utilities to support the building?
All of our buildings require a minimum of 120/240 volt single phased hard-wired connection after a metered source.

6. Does my site allow for modular building usage?
Be sure to check with the local building department to verify setbacks, occupancy, ADA requirements, and zoning. Unlike housing, the modular construction industry is regulated primarily at the state and local levels. The building itself will be constructed to meet provincial state and local building codes along with IBC.


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