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6 Reasons Schools Turn to Modular Construction

As students prepare to close their books for the year, the construction industry prepares for its fun in the sun. When speaking about modular construction, administrators, who do their homework, know while their students are away, it is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the first day of the next year. A prime example, just last summer, North Thurston Public Schools broke ground on the first of their two Early Learning Centers in the middle of the summer. They opened their doors to three to five year olds, with eight complete classrooms, an occupational therapy room, administration offices and more; all in time for when the bell rang in September, on the campus of Mt. View Elementary School.
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Six Reasons Schools Turn to Modular Construction:
  1. Modular construction allows the classroom(s) to be built off-site while class remains in session; ensuring student learning continues without disruption. 
  1. New classrooms are installed during breaks; allowing students and teachers to return to an entirely new facility. 
  1. Multiple viable solutions are available, from relocatable classrooms to complete college campus buildings and even entire K-12 campuses. 
  1. With full turnkey projects, modular can provide one contract with no hassle and no worries. You do not need to hire multiple trades to complete your modular project when you choose a modular construction company that completes the project from start to finish. 
  1. Modular classrooms and complete campuses provide districts with flexibility. Relocatable classrooms can be moved throughout the district to meet ever-changing enrollment needs from year to year. 
  1. Green classrooms and even building additions are available through options, such as SAGE (Smart Academic Green Environments). This opportunity has teachers, including Lake Washington High School’s Leanne Fike, saying she prefers teaching outside of the traditional building. “I walked in and it was like, oh, my gosh, it was absolutely wonderful and gorgeous. It just blew me away.” 

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