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Aspire – North Thurston School District

North Thurston School District needed a place for talented and gifted middle school students to interact with new STEM technology, but they were limited on space in their existing buildings – both stick built and modular structures, and within their property boundaries. What’s more, the two existing 28X32 modular buildings onsite were aging, so they were also looking to upgrade. Additionally, they needed to expand their facilities in a way that wouldn’t disrupt the residential neighborhood sitting directly behind their property. 

They’d been working with Pacific Mobile for over a decade and turned to them to provide a 10,472-square-foot building to house three cutting-edge science laboratories, two math classrooms, and one robotics laboratory complete with laboratory prep areas and storage rooms. 

The building was placed on the back corner of the school lot and designed to maximize the footprint based on the constraints of the property lines of the site.  

The interior of the building features a generous amount of gas piping, chemical resistant countertops, gas turrets and air reels at every laboratory station, custom fume hoods, an acid storage tank, chemical storage rooms, seven emergency eye washing stations, three emergency showers and over 190 lineal feet of cabinetry and counter tops. 

The exterior of the building features push-button doors, a 312-transverse hinged roof, 5/16” fiber cement panel – 4X10 sections and fiber cement lap siding with 4-inch exposure, 12 aluminum and 18 vinyl storefront windows, recessed side entries, and a rain screen.

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