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Atlas Sand and Rock

Atlas Sand and Rock needed a new office space for their employees and to host customers. To achieve this, they demolished their existing building and opted for modular construction, which fit both their timeline and budget. They chose Pacific Mobile Structures because it was the only modular construction company that met with them onsite, in person, and guided them through the entire process. 

Pacific Mobile Structures provided a 57×60 permanent modular administrative office building, which met Atlas Sand and Rock’s requirements. Additionally, they supplied two temporary relocatable office buildings, a 12×56 and a 12×44, to be used during the construction period. After the project, Atlas Sand and Rock purchased the 12×44 building for use at another location. 

The new buildings feature oversized windows for viewing trucks, a large retail space with countertops, storage, and cabinets, a centralized conference room, mini-split HVAC systems, a roof built onsite, 9-ft ceilings throughout, carpet squares in carbon, black, and grey, two ADA restrooms, a mop sink closet, and a U-shaped counter in the back office for truck drivers. The exterior boasts upgraded board and batten siding and storefront doors. 

Once Atlas Sand and Rock completed the foundation work, the buildings were craned into place on the large rock quarry site where the previous building stood. Atlas Sand and Rock also handled the site utilities, while Pacific Mobile Structures completed the site work, interior finishes, and trusses, constructing the roof onsite. 

Despite some weather-related challenges, the buildings were placed before a significant rainstorm. The project was particularly notable for the strong working relationship between Atlas Sand and Rock and Pacific Mobile Structures. It was their first collaboration, and they operated seamlessly as a team, thanks to their shared family values and aligned priorities. 


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