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Camp Pendleton Temp Mess Hall

During the renovation of their mess hall, Camp Pendleton sought a temporary gathering space for Marines on base. Pacific Mobile Structures stepped in after cultivating strong relationships, offering a comprehensive proposal that won Camp Pendleton’s approval. Their decision was influenced by our commitment to providing entirely new buildings, achieved by meticulously transforming an existing 24-plex into four 60×60 structures, along with a 12×40 and a 36×60 building. 

Our teams placed the temporary complex on an open blacktop lot adjacent to the undergoing renovation with speed and ease. Inside, the buildings boasted spacious interiors with tile flooring and equipped hot and cold serving stations, complemented by a furnished package of tables and chairs. Outside, the structures featured practical elements such as horizontal sliding windows, aluminum ramps, stairs, and connecting catwalks, all clad in durable T1-11 siding with skirting. 

A unique challenge emerged in seamlessly integrating ramps and decking due to variations in building heights. Ensuring ADA compliance required precise placement and sloping adjustments. What sets this project apart is not only its scale but also Pacific Mobile Structures’ timely and precise delivery, made possible by our strategic fleet positioning. It stands as a testament to our capability to meet complex demands with efficiency and expertise. 


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