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County of Ventura Medical Clinic

County of Ventura Medical Center

This mental health rehab center was built for the County of Ventura Medical Center to accommodate hospital expansion. 

This mental health facility was constructed to house mental health patients with the intent to create a warm, inviting lodge type building versus a sterile hospital looking design. Stack stone, exposed beam construction, stained tongue and groove soffits accomplished that goal. A 12’ wide covered porch along three sides of the building added 3,800 Sf of outdoor environment for patients to enjoy. Skylights and solatubes added natural daylight throughout the buildings. A full service kitchen with commercial hood was located next to a general meeting area with 12’ high ceilings. Additional requirements for an anti-suicide environment were incorporated into the
design such as breakaway shower rods, closet rods, as well as a hard lid ceiling as t-grid did not meet the requirements. High quality Meko window shades reduced cooling requirements needed for the warm environment.


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