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Eastern Oregon University Head Start

Eastern Oregon University was growing rapidly, and they needed additional space for their Head Start Program to be housed. Pacific Mobile Structures quickly provided Eastern Oregon University with a 4,200-square-foot education building. A site centrally located on campus with a small barn was cleared to make space for the building. Eastern Oregon University chose to go with a modular building because of the reduced construction schedule and the ability to customize the design of the building with flexibility and ease for a more cost-effective solution.

Inside, the building features a kitchenette and bathrooms catering to both children and adults with variable counter heights. The exterior of the building matches the rest of the university in color. The exterior also features roof overhangs, a site-built covered entry, and was pit set at the ground level.

The flexibility of working with Pacific Mobile Structures made an impression on Eastern Oregon University. The schedule for this project had to adhere to seasonal snow and cold temperatures. When the building was completed, as winter began, Pacific Mobile stored the building for them until the weather permitted site work and the placement of the building. A stick-built structure wouldn’t have permitted this level of flexibility and time-savings.


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