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Edmonds School District

Edmonds School District

These Smart Academic Green Environments were purchased to accommodate the Edmonds School District’s increasing elementary enrollment.

A total of nine classrooms across five campuses were installed for the 2014-2015 school year.The SAGE interior features an energy-efficient ERV (energy recovery ventilator)mechanical system, low velocity fans, vaulted ceiling height and continuous dimming luminary lighting. The interior also features BIOPCM Phase Change Material in the walls that act as a thermal mass to stabilize indoor temperatures.The steel floor structure is designed for longevity and allows for door threshold that is closer to the ground, reducing the costs associated with relocation, maintenance, foundation, stairs and ramps. Options also exist for solar powered sun coolers to eliminate the need for air conditioning, LED pendant lighting and restroom options. The building was also designed to be LEED certifiable. Exterior features incorporate a modern architectural look with large overhangs to protect the building and Hardie reveal siding. The clerestory windows allow the buildings to be sited to take advantage of the most natural daylighting reducing the amount of energy used on interior lights. The buildings incorporate an exterior mechanical room that not only houses the ERV unit but allows the district to enclose a communication IDF (intermediate distribution frame).


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