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Golden Valley Health Center

Golden Valley Health Center provides dental care options, on the campus of Hanshaw Middle School, to students from low-income backgrounds who are unable to receive appropriate care elsewhere. The center’s previous clinic was destroyed by a fire and needed replacing. They wanted the new facility to be bigger and better than before – and we didn’t disappoint.

This building was designed to look and operate like a private practice dental office. It comes fully-equipped with all the essentials necessary to provide outstanding dental care. Seven dental chairs, one with panoramic X-ray access, line the building to meet student demand. The sterilization center ensures a clean and hygienic environment for the whole facility, and the ADA-compliant restrooms and breakroom make the building easily accessible. To guarantee that the dental clinic met all regulatory requirements, it was overseen by the architect of record and
earned approval with OSHPD. Additionally, in maximizing the building’s energy efficiency, we reached compliance with Title 24 of the California Building Standards Commission.


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