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Hanford High School

Richland School District was in need of a single-story classroom facility that would accommodate both staff and students, and serve as a longterm solution to the District’s continual increase in student enrollment. A multifaceted permanent modular was designed and constructed, with a total of 12 large classrooms. A faculty workroom, office, student/faculty restrooms, storage room, custodial space and mechanical/electrical rooms were included in the structure to accommodate the District’s space requirements. The School District opted to proceed with modular construction to meet the District’s strict timeline and budget constraints.

Hanford High School was built as the first of three similar buildings for the Richland School District. This repeatability concept is comparable to the common portable classroom, apart from the fact that it is multiple classrooms with an increased standard of quality. The classrooms in the structure were configured in a rectangular fashion and thoughtfully formulated to maximize student learning. Special audio and visual connections and teaching technologies were incorporated into each of the classrooms to help improve the students learning experience and engagement.

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