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Join Our Master Lease Program

We’re excited to extend the invitation to join our master lease program. At Pacific Mobile Structures, we’re big fans of master lease agreements. For years, they’ve empowered us to keep speed and ease at the center of everything we do with our most valued customers. So, we wanted to extend that ultimate level of speed and ease to all of our customers as a trusted partner and friend in the industry. 

When you enter a master lease agreement with us, your company only has to go through the legal process and check off terms and conditions once, rather than on a per quote basis. This allows for a quicker, more efficient ordering process keeping the ease of doing business at the center of your working relationship with us. Plus, when you have a master lease agreement with us, you’ll enjoy preferred pricing and prioritization on limited and waitlisted inventory. This means that the price you pay for each and every one of your units is protected from price increases based on utilization levels, and you’re first in line to get the units you need when inventory is low or out of stock. Get what you need, when you need it, with the ultimate speed and ease, and zero hassle. 

You can join our master lease program in three easy steps:  

  1. Talk with your sales representative about a master lease agreement. 
  2. Review a drafted master lease agreement.  
  3. You approve, we approve. 

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Once you have your master lease agreement in place, simply call and get what you need, when you need it, with the ultimate speed and ease, and zero hassle. 

Start a conversation about a master lease agreement with your sales representative today. Head here to fill out a form to let them know you’re interested, and they’ll be in touch.


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