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LA County Natural History Museum, Government Office & Community Facility

Pacific Mobile built and installed an impressive structure that included specialty doors, coffer ceiling insets, a stucco finish and many other carefully chosen architectural details. The end product is a facility befitting the offices of a California state senator, and the structure fits its aesthetic environment perfectly.

Los Angeles County needed to quickly add a high-quality modular facility to a historic site — one that already contained the Los Angeles History Museum, the U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavor and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. This new modular facility had to fit seamlessly with the surrounding historic buildings. It also had to serve as office space for a California state senator and support staff. The building needed to be flexible enough to hold community events including press briefings and fundraisers. Since the actual job site was well over one-hundred-years-old, many obstacles were overcome in terms of unearthing unexpected remnants from old structures. These included pipes, masonry and unmapped lines. Pacific Mobile also worked closely to adjust work hours based on events happening at all of the other facilities on-site.


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