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Mission Hills Golf Shop

Mission Hills Pro Shop

This modular building was designed to match an existing multi-million dollar permanent golf shop located nearby. 

The building includes tape and texture interior walls with 9’ ceilings, upgraded finish cabinetry, lap exterior siding and a copper shingle roof with 3’ overhangs on all sides. The copper shingles for the roof are a multi-layered shingle with polypropylene, bitumen, fiberglass and a bondee copper foil making them easy to install, yet still provide the classy look of a true copper roof. The building design required that the ridge beam be cut and the structural support sent to the exterior walls since the center of the building had to be without posts. All of the restoom water closets are flush valve to accommodate frequent usage. A 1 1/8” floor decking was used to create a 100 lb floor load and an extra dense 60 oz carpet was installed to prevent damage to the sub-floor by golf cleats.


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