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Our Four Cornerstones of Excellence

Founded in 1983, Pacific Mobile Structures has been family and locally owned for two generations. Not surprisingly, relationships are extremely important to us. So much so, we’ve built our company on four core principles to ensure that everything we do nurtures every relationship we have. We call these principles our Four Cornerstones of Service Excellence. 


Pacific Mobile Structures has decades of experience, over 200 employees across 11 branch locations, maintains a rental fleet of over 7,000 units spanning over 3.5 million square feet, over 800 containers, and handles custom modular construction projects. We’re large enough to handle any size job, but small enough to be easy to work with. Our relationships in the industry run deep and our partnerships strong, so you can be assured you’re taken care of at every touchpoint with the right people all with speed and ease. We value the skills and talents of our employees and they, in turn, appreciate working for a company that values them. The result is a smart, personable staff with an average of 15 years of experience. 


Our fleet of mobile offices and classrooms is the best in the industry. That’s because we reinvest 15% of our revenues into maintaining our products to the highest standards with our reconditioning process. Our branches have knowledge of local job sites, so we’re able to offer the appropriate office space for the job – with guaranteed on-time delivery and pickup. Consistent product quality and outstanding service are the reasons our clients stay with us for years and tell others about us. 

Over 50% of our customers order from us again and over 60% of our business comes from referrals. Our “days idle” program ensures that we consistently cycle our fleet. As a result, 96% of our trailer deliveries have zero issues within the first 30 days. If at any point you don’t need your building anymore or if you’d like to upgrade, we will buy back previously purchased buildings as part of an initiative to reduce our footprint and eliminate waste. As much as 30% of all building materials delivered to a typical construction site can end up as waste. Our products are built to stand the test of time and they can be relocated and repurposed for other applications, increasing their longevity. 


Our full-time, in-house staff are empowered to make decisions on the spot and handle issues quickly. We provide flexible pricing, financing and payment terms, and pro-rate invoices to date of return. Need financing? We offer internal financing to speed up the process and keep it streamlined and simple. 

We offer a large fleet of mobile offices – with flexible, customizable floor plans – from which to choose. Or you can work with our design team to design your own. We also offer a variety of containers for your unique storage needs. We guarantee on-time delivery and pick-up – on your terms and timeline. We’re also your one-stop shop. We have a full catalogue of furniture, accessories, and security packages that are easy to add to any order to ensure your temporary building is outfitted exactly how you want and need the moment it arrives onsite, including stairs and OSHA and ADA Compliant ramps. 


Whatever it takes. That’s our approach to serving clients. We’re always available; customers have direct dial and cell phone numbers to each of our sales consultants, and we respond to all service issues in 24 hours or less. We’re loyal to our customers and communities. We provide special pricing to those loyal to us, including master leases to make renting multiple buildings across multiple projects effortless, and we dedicate over 1,650 hours of service to the communities that we live and work in each year.  

No matter the project and no matter its size, we will work with you on every aspect from leasing to full design of blueprints and permitting. What you see is what you get. We offer transparent billing. No hidden cleaning fees, no security deposit, no separate state licensing fees, no 28-day billing cycle. No surprises. Every charge is spelled out on our quote.   

Words We Live By 

Experience, quality, flexibility, and dedication. These are the words we live by. These are the standards we set for ourselves, and they’re not just slogans on a screen. We live and breathe them every day, and you’ll see them reflected in every interaction we have with you. When you work with us, you’re not just getting the mobile office, container, or turnkey modular structure you need. You’ll receive a customer-first commitment you won’t find anywhere else rooted in these four cornerstones of excellence, ensuring you get the exact space you need with speed and ease.  


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