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Pacific Mobile Structures Now Offering Storage Containers for Rent or Purchase in the State of California

Pacific Mobile Structures is pleased to announce that the family-owned company now offers containers for rent or purchase in the State of California. This new offering features secure, high quality, and best-in-industry new and one-trip containers in a variety of sizes with single and double door options.  

“For years our customers have been asking for containers to go along with their mobile office orders in California. Now, we can finally offer them,” said Sal Crivello, Sales Manager at Pacific Mobile Structures. 

Here’s what sets Pacific Mobile Structures’ containers apart: 

  • Lockboxes with Specialized Locks and Keys  
  • 90% of Our Containers Onsite within Three Days  
  • Forklift Pockets and Pick Points on all Four Sides for Easy Relocation  
  • Sealed, Wind and Water-Tight  
  • Consistent Quality Across All Container Units  
  • Variety of Sizes with Single and Double Door Options  
  • Turnkey and Ready for Immediate Use 

Whether you know exactly what you want or could use some guidance, the Pacific Mobile Team is ready to help. As a company known in the industry for its customer service, they have a designated container specialist who is dedicated to every customer’s unique storage needs from the moment they call until the moment their container arrives onsite. 

“Being the first point of contact for all container requests has given me the unique opportunity to stay connected with so many customers across all of our locations,” said Misty Jones, Container Specialist at Pacific Mobile Structures. 

Pacific Mobile customers already working with another Pacific Mobile team member for their mobile office or modular construction needs who need secure storage for their project can add a container to any existing or future order. The Pacific Mobile team keeps the process simple so their customers have everything they need on their job site on day one.  

To learn more about Pacific Mobile Structures’ container offering in California, call 800.225.6539 and ask for Misty. 


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