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Pacific Mobile Structures Set to Officially Open its 14-Acre Facility in San Marcos, Texas in Early 2023

Pacific Mobile Structures has been fully operational and serving the State of Texas since December of 2021. The family-owned company specializing in leasing and selling exceptional mobile office space and building innovative modular structures broke ground on their 14-acre physical location in San Marcos, Texas on April 27th. 

With the site development almost complete, the modular construction company’s Texas team is looking forward to serving the State of Texas out of a 13,000-square-foot maintenance facility and a 3,500-square-foot sales office which will open in early 2023.   

“The receptiveness of Texas customers to our products and service has blown us away. As we continue to build customer and vendor relationships, we are excited by how aligned our company values are with others doing business in this great state. We can’t wait to finish our first Texas branch location, hire locally and gear up operations for future expansion,” said Regional Sales Manager at Pacific Mobile Structures, Michael Thompson. 

Persons Services Corporation is the general contractor on the project. Pacific Mobile Structures has a long-standing, strong relationship with Persons and is grateful for all their continued hard work on this new branch location.  

“It’s great to have partners like this. We’ve been working a long time on getting permits set up and as soon as it was ready to go, we gave them [Persons] a call and they were out here and getting after it,” said President and CEO of Pacific Mobile Structures, Garth Haakenson. 

As the industry leader in leasing and selling modular structures, Pacific Mobile Structures is providing Texas with high-quality mobile office space, permanent modular construction, and storage solutions including restroom and shower facilities, sales and retail offices, break room and conference space, relocatable classrooms, permanent modular construction, administrative and cooperative office buildings, medical clinics, and assembly and institutional space.  

“We are happy to provide Texas customers with a brand-new fleet of mobile offices. We have the factory relationships necessary to complete custom builds with competitive pricing and timelines,” said Thompson. “The TIPS or GSA contract is also available for use with these buildings so you can save time and money.” 

This will be the company’s 11th branch location in addition to their offices in Chehalis, Washington; Marysville, Washington; Pasco, Washington; Spokane, Washington; Boise, Idaho; Ceres, California; Menifee, California; San Diego, California; and Arizona. 

“We are proud to be one of the last closely held family companies in this industry serving our customers throughout the western states. This allows us to continue to make best decisions for the long-term benefit of our employees, customers, and vendors,” said Haakenson. 

To learn more about Pacific Mobile Structures’ offerings in Texas, call 800.225.6539. 

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