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Pacific Mobile Structures Texas Branch

Modular construction company, Pacific Mobile Structures expanded into the Texas market and set out to open a branch location in San Marcos, Texas. While they had been fully operational and serving the State of Texas since December 2021, they broke ground on a 14-acre site in April 2022 to begin construction on their physical branch location. 

The company leaned into their own capabilities and constructed a 3,500-square-foot permanent modular sales office and 13,000-square-foot maintenance facility to provide high-quality mobile office space, permanent modular construction, and storage solutions to the State of Texas and surrounding areas. 

The buildings were placed on the raw, open land so that it can be accessed from Industrial Way right off the highway. Set at grade, the buildings are connected for seamless access between the sales office and the maintenance facility. 

The exterior of the building features stucco, stone, and wood. It also has an EPDM cool white roof and a five-foot parapet wall to shield the air conditioning units from view. The interior of the sales office features a display wall at the entrance, stone columns, vinyl plank flooring and carpet squares, LED lighting, and a complete furniture package.  

A unique challenge the Pacific Mobile Structures team had to overcome to complete this project was the amount of water pressure required in the maintenance facility was too low. This was discovered during the Fire Marshall’s review and rectified by adding a 100,000-gallon water tank to the premises. Challenges aside, the grand opening of the San Marcos branch marks the addition of the company’s 11th branch location in addition to their branches in Chehalis, Washington; Marysville, Washington; Pasco, Washington; Oregon City, Oregon; Boise, Idaho; Spokane, Washington; Ceres, California; Menifee, California; and Phoenix, Arizona. 


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