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Safe Access Made Easy: IBC, ADA, and OSHA Compliant Aluminum Access Solutions

In any environment, safe access is key. From mobile office trailers to modular classrooms, permanent modular solutions, and even dumpsters, ensuring everyone can access what they need safely and without injury is essential. At Pacific Mobile Structures, we emphasize safe access with our line of durable IBC, ADA, and OSHA-compliant aluminum access products. 

IBC, ADA, and OSHA Compliant Aluminum Ramp Systems 

Let’s start with our IBC, ADA, and OSHA-compliant aluminum ramps. These ramps are cleverly designed to provide smooth and safe for people with mobility challenges to move around. Whether you’re using a wheelchair, have limited mobility, or you’re just pushing heavy equipment or carts, our ramps provide a solid and reliable solution. They’re made from high-quality aluminum, so they’re lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant. Plus, they’re super easy to install and customize to fit different heights and configurations. With our ramps, accessibility becomes a breeze for easy access into mobile office trailers, modular classrooms, or any other structure without a hitch. 

Platforms and Catwalks 

Now, let’s talk about our aluminum platforms and catwalks. At Pacific Mobile Structures, we provide OSHA-compliant aluminum platforms that work in any environment. They’re perfect for use as warehouse catwalks, accessing rooftop AHUs, extending classroom space, and connecting multiple buildings. We take craftsmanship seriously, so our platforms and catwalks blend seamlessly with their surroundings while ensuring safe access. 

OSHA-Compliant Stair Systems 

Of course, stairs are an important part of accessing many modular structures. That’s why we’ve perfected the design of our OSHA-compliant aluminum stairs to prioritize accessibility without sacrificing safety or functionality. Our stairs come in a wide range of options and are designed to be ergonomic, durable, and easy to use for everyone. They have anti-slip treads, handrails for extra support, and the proper rise-to-run ratios to make sure you feel secure and comfortable. Whether you need access to a mobile office trailer, a modular classroom, or any other structure, our stairs have got you covered. 

Dumpster Access 

We even make sure our accessibility solutions extend to dumpsters. That’s right. Safe dumpster access is essential to prevent any injuries while doing something as simple as taking out the trash. So, we’ve come up with innovative solutions for dumpster access you won’t find anywhere else. We offer sturdy aluminum access steps that give you a stable platform to reach the height of your dumpster. These steps have anti-slip treads and handrails to make sure you stay safe, especially when you’re lugging heavy trash bags or bulky items. But we don’t stop there.  

We provide OSHA-compliant aluminum walkways that you can install around the dumpster area. These walkways make it easier for you to transport your trash to the dumpster while keeping the area clean and safe. 

Custom Access for Every Use Case 

If you need access, we can provide it – no matter the use case. From the rooftop to the basement, we can provide you with a variety of access solutions designed to your exact specifications for a custom fit that you trust.   

Not sure what you need? Give us a call or reach out to request a quote. And remember, it’s quick and easy to add any of our access products to your order or existing lease or purchase. As always, we’ll work with you to get you what you need, when you need it, and how you want it. That’s the Pacific Mobile Difference. 


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