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Pacific Mobile Structures Receives First Place and Honorable Mention at the 2022 World of Modular Annual Convention and Tradeshow

Pacific Mobile Structures is thrilled to announce that their projects for the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and the College of Western Idaho received first place in the ‘Permanent Modular Office Under 10,000 sq. ft.’ and honorable mention in the ‘Permanent Modular Office Over 10,000 sq. ft.’ Categories, respectively, at the Modular Building Institute’s 2022 World of Modular Annual Convention and Tradeshow at the end of April.

“We love what we do, and we work hard to deliver exceptional, award-winning modular designs that pay attention to the little details that matter to our clients,” said Garth Haakenson, President, and CEO of Pacific Mobile Structures.

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the international non-profit trade association serving the modular construction industry. On a mission to expand the use of offsite and modular construction through innovative construction practices, outreach and education to the construction community and customers, and recognition of high-quality modular designs and facilities.

Traditionally, its members have consisted of manufacturers, contractors, and dealers. However, MBI strives to keep up with the latest trends in the modular/offsite construction industry and has expanded its membership over the years to include architects, owners/developers, and general contractors.

The first place awarded entry for the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community is an administration building. When the tribe needed to expand their current administration office space, and with their federal grant set to expire, they turned to modular construction. Pacific Mobile quickly provided a modular building featuring a standing seam metal roof with a high pitched gable hinged roof system and two custom timbered entries created for this building to achieve a specific look and feel.

The building also features:

  • Oversized windows
  • Nine-foot ceilings throughout
  • Floor-to-ceiling dividers in the bathrooms
  • Lacquered and stained trims


In addition to the main administration building, Pacific Mobile also provided a Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Restroom in partnership with the KCDA Purchasing Contract. The CMU restroom is a 100% contained restroom building on a concrete slab.

The project for the College of Western Idaho was awarded honorable mention and is also an administration and office building. The college was expanding at a rapid pace, and they needed additional administration and office space that could be relocated in the future. Pacific Mobile Structures provided them with three 60’ x 60’ modular buildings. With RTU units on the roof, the modified building height and various textures and colors offered the appearance of traditional stick-built structures while matching the existing buildings. The buildings also feature upgraded lighting units that can be adjusted to accommodate future reconfigurations of each of the buildings.

“It’s nice to be recognized by our peers for first place and honorable mention,” said Pacific Mobile Structures Sales Manager, Kenna Draper.

“Being recognized by our peers at the Modular Building Institute on projects that were both unique and challenging makes all the work our team put in that much more rewarding,” said Pacific Mobile Structures Sales Representative, Patrick Allen.

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