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Richland School District

Richland High School

Richland School District was in need of a single-story classroom facility that would accommodate both staff and students, and serve as a longterm solution to the District’s continual increase in student enrollment. A multifaceted permanent modular was designed and constructed, with a total of 12 large classrooms. A faculty workroom, office, student/faculty restrooms, storage room, custodial space and mechanical/electrical rooms were included in the structure to accommodate the District’s space requirements.

Incorporating the facility into the existing Richland High School landscape proved challenging. Due to the door threshold being over six feet above the parking lot, concrete stairs had to be built to accommodate the change in elevation and efficiently support the building. Pacific Mobile produced sloped driveways, multi-use parking spaces, and contoured curbs, among other landscaping features to enhance the visual appeal of the building. A hinged roof system was designed and finished at the factory.


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