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SCI Infrastructure

SCI Infrastructure, a construction company and dirt contractor, needed a larger headquarters to accommodate their operations. One key reason that SCI Infrastructure turned to Pacific Mobile was the cost savings that could be achieved with modular in comparison to traditional construction. Specifically, because the structure was modular, only local inspections and approvals would be needed for the foundation and accessibility. The building itself would be approved at the state level.

The two-story facility includes a full daylight basement that is partially above grade. This provides an additional 2,688 square feet of space that could be used for storage or office space expansion. Due to the fact that their site was located next to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, a number of special factors went into meeting city and state regulations. To meet city regulations, special sound-attenuating windows and doors were used. In addition, a roof with double-layer decking was implemented to attenuate sound.


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