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SONGS Decommissioning

SO Decommissioning Solutions (SDS) was tasked with decommissioning the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS). The project required the demolition of the administration facility. Because of this, the plant needed temporary long-term onsite office and administration space while the decommissioning was completed over a period of five to seven years. They considered finding a commercial space to rent to fill this need, but there was nothing available that was close to the nuclear plant. So, SDS decided to go modular. 

Pacific Mobile Structures provided 24,720 square feet of office and administration space in two phases. The first phase consisted of four buildings – a 12X40, 144X60, 72X60, and a 36X60 building, which were set up in an existing parking lot. The second phase consisted of three more buildings – a 12X40, 48X60, and a 96X60 building, which were placed in a nearby asphalt lot.  

Both building sites sit off to the side of the plant, right on the ocean. The buildings host office space, kitchens, and restrooms for the displaced staff. All the buildings are straightforward modular offices with concealed posts to save costs. Aluminum stairs, ramps, and platform systems complete the buildings. The most notable aspects of these buildings are their sheer size and the over $4 billion project they support.


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