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The Bridge Program Building

Ada County Juvenile set out to start a “Bridge Program” in the community based off a successful program in Nevada that aims to catch “at-risk” youth before they enter the juvenile and welfare systems, and they needed a dedicated building for it. The program provides counseling for youth and their families, along with amenities such as a full kitchen, showers, and a laundry room. 

They turned to modular construction for a lower overall project cost due to a more predictable scope and timeline. They put the project out to bid and Pacific Mobile Structures was awarded the bid due to our ability to value engineer the project. Pacific Mobile Structures provided the 24X60 building that they needed and placed it in an existing overflow parking lot across from the juvenile center. While the two buildings are independent and separated from one another, they are connected through telecommunications which was routed under the parking lot and the street. 

The interior of the building is warm and inviting and features a kitchen, washer and dryer, large windows, restroom with a shower, and soundproofing barriers in the walls for increased privacy during counseling sessions. The building is set as close as possible to grade and exterior features a pad-mounted HVAC system, dormer and awning over the front door, exterior paint in two colors, and a concrete handicap ramp. 


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