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University of Washington Herring/Lease Crutcher Lewis

The University of Washington began renovating their Herring Center for early childhood learning for kids ages three to five years old and needed space to temporarily host the program for the duration of the two-year project. The University of Washington was up against a tight timeframe and their General Contractor, Lease Crutcher Lewis, had about a month to get a solution on site, so they turned to modular construction. 

The project was daunting with a severely sloped parking lot posing a glaring constraint. Pacific Mobile was up for the challenge and provided four 28X64 buildings for classroom space and a 28X60 building outfitted with kitchen and office space, for a total of 10,528 square feet. Pacific Mobile installed all of the buildings by crane. The project was completed with a sturdy system of ADA-compliant ramps from Welcome Ramps Systems that provided a courtyard in the center of the five buildings with sectioned off outdoor play areas for each classroom. 

This project is unique because of the elevation of the site, the layout of the buildings, the use and special application of Welcome Ramps Systems, and its intricate installation by crane.


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