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West Boise Water Facility

Since 2020, the City of Boise has been experiencing a large influx of people moving to the area. They needed additional office space to accommodate this growth and to support the upgrade of both of their water treatment facilities. Pacific Mobile Structures provided three 28X64 buildings to house a relocatable administration operations annex, a lab office, and an engineering office. Two of the buildings were placed on one end of the water treatment facility, and the third building was placed on the opposite end of the facility to serve as overflow for a nearby office. Each building is outfitted with ADA ramps and kitchens. 

The City of Boise preferred to work with Pacific Mobile Structures due to a quick and timely turnaround, cost-savings as a result of not having to hire an architect to design the buildings, and the ease of working with us through the King County Directors’ Association (KCDA) Cooperative Purchasing Contract. 

Cooperative purchasing contracts can be used to procure modular structures like the ones provided for the City of Boise for additional cost savings and ease as they allow you to bypass the traditional bid to request approval. Not only does Pacific Mobile Structures offer the KCDA Contract, but we also offer contracts through The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS), California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS), GSA Schedule Contract, Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA), and BuyBoard. 


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