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Woodbridge Winery Constellation Brands

In the Central Valley of California, wine is an impressive industry. Constellation Brands needed a new center to evaluate the psychological and physiological responses of panelists testing both their wines and competitors wines, in order to determine marketing and growing strategies for the future. Modeled after state-of-the-art facilities at UC Davis, this building is fully equipped to conduct extensive oenological research for five to ten years until a more permanent facility is built.

This building accommodates researchers, trained panelists, and office workers to carry out scientific research into the taste, aroma, and appearance of wine. This structure contains a fully-equipped, sensory-controlled panelist room that includes 20 testing booths. In a separate area, there is a two-way mirror connecting to an observation room. To meet the specific requirements of our client, a silent HVAC system and other amenities were utilized to produce an optimal area for conducting oenological research.


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