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Woodburn Medical Clinic

Salem Health Medical Group needed a temporary medical facility to use in Woodburn, Oregon while they work on building a new two-story structure over the next few years. After visiting another medical building built by Pacific Mobile Structures in Newport, Oregon, the customer determined that modular construction would be a great solution for their temporary clinic.

This building was designed to meet the City of Woodburn Design Review criteria. Since one side of the building was facing the main thoroughfare, it was required to have 210 square-feet of windows covering the entire side of the building. This was met by using (10) 3’x7’ solid windows. Several false columns were built on-site to accomplish the desired appearance of the building. Stone Veneer was added to the lower portions of the false columns to enhance the look. LED lighting with integrated occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting controls, compliment the
design, and by far, exceed the state and local energy codes.


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