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Pacific Mobile Structures Payment Portal

Pacific Mobile Structures Set to Launch an Online Customer Portal This Summer

Pacific Mobile Structures is excited to announce the launch of an online customer portal this summer, designed to enhance the speed and ease of doing business with the modular construction company for each and every customer at each and every touch point. The online customer portal will provide customers with the ability to:  

  • View Open Invoices 
  • View Paid Invoices 
  • View Statements 
  • Make Secure One-Time Payments 
  • Set Up Recurring Payments 

Pacific Mobile Structures’ customers will enjoy convenience at their fingertips with the ability to make payments with just a few clicks anytime, anywhere. It also provides customers with a more secure way to pay with multiple payment options, rather than over the phone, through email, or traditional mail. The development of this online customer portal is backed by Pacific Mobile Structures’ robust IT and Software Development Team and spearheaded by the company’s President and CEO to create a simple and streamlined payment process that centers around user experience. 

“I am excited to announce the launch of our new customer payment portal. This portal is a secure and convenient way for our customers to make payments online. It is also a major step forward in our digital transformation efforts,” said Kevin Aleshire, Director of Information Technology at Pacific Mobile Structures. 

“I am very proud of our internal IT staff and their dedication to support our operations which allows us to provide our customers with first-class service,” said Garth Haakenson, President and CEO of Pacific Mobile Structures. 

Pacific Mobile Structures will be releasing more information and instructions to set up account access next month and they can’t wait to provide customers with this service. In the meantime, click the link below to learn more.


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