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Fast, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Modular Building Solutions for the Federal Government with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

Pacific Mobile Structures sells and leases exceptional mobile office space and builds innovative modular structures with a relentless, customer-first commitment. Pacific Mobile is large enough to deliver on big complex projects almost anywhere in the western United States, Texas and Arizona, but family-owned and privately held so we can continue to provide the same level of personal service that our customers have come to expect.  

In addition to our rental fleet of 3.5 million square feet, we also provide relocatable classrooms and high-quality modular structures for office buildings, medical clinics, community centers, and workforce housing. We work with public and private sectors, including schools, hospitals, medical centers, Native American Tribes, and federal agencies.  

In fact, we’ve worked with various customers in the federal government. In working with federal agencies, we’ve realized that they need to operate under tight timeframes and budget constraints. We also know that they have to follow federal government purchasing guidelines 

From ancillary office space to military barracks, our modular construction allows for fast, flexible, and cost-effective procurement solutions. Because of that, we offer purchasing options through the central procurement agency for the federal government, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Pacific Mobile Structures was awarded for Schedule 56 in 2004. Since then, we have completed over 120,000 square feet of modular buildings under that contract, helping our customers to experience the GSA advantage.  

Federal agencies choose Pacific Mobile because:  

  • We can meet deadlines and accommodate pressing timeframes.  
  • We’re able to deliver and install buildings in remote locations.  
  • We offer customization and flexibility with any floor plan.  
  • We work cooperatively with government entities and municipalities and their contractors to achieve success on any project.  


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