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Workforce Housing

Freeport Studios

As major chemical and natural gas companies such as Dow Chemical Company and Freeport LNG continue to expand, so does their need for workforce housing. Employees commute long distances to the remote area of Freeport, Texas for work. These employees were suffering hours of time loss and the local economy was losing revenue as well. To address the pain points from both fronts, Pacific Mobile sought a unique solution catered to the need in Freeport. A self-contained neighborhood was developed, complete with paved roads and sidewalks and
fourplex studio apartments, as a solution to the employees daily commute.

Due to the site being near the Gulf of Mexico, the facilities were constructed to meet a hurricane wind code of 135 miles per hour, and special efforts were made to provide superior drainage. The development is comprised of units built to emulate modern, single-occupancy studio apartments. The development also includes a facilities management office, a maintenance building, and three staff housing units. In addition, common areas were developed that included outdoor pavilions with TV sets, commercial sinks, barbecue grills and picnic tables.


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