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Introducing Mobile Office and Modular Building How-To Videos

To assist our customers with maintaining and caring for their mobile office trailers and modular buildings, we have launched a series of How-To videos covering the most commonly asked service-related questions.

Programming Thermostats:

This video will assist you in understanding user functions and programming schedules for the T4 and T6 pro thermostat. Learn how to access user functions; switch between auto, heat, cool, and off; adjust temperature; turn the fan on and off; and set and enable or disable schedules.

Filter Change:

This video will assist you in changing your unit’s heating and cooling system air filter. Frequent changing of the filter will assure you maximum airflow and the most efficient heating and cooling. We recommend changing the air filters every 90 days or every 30 days if the site location is dusty.

How to Care for Your Mobile Office:

This video will help you keep your office trailer and classroom in good working condition, keep energy costs low, reduce unplanned service interruptions, and expedite the return process. Watch this video for tips such as: checking and replacing the air filter every 90 days (every 30 days if your jobsite is dusty), checking for standing water, adding boot scrapers to keep the interior clean, keeping the space around internal air intakes clear, checking for leaks, maintaining floors, replacing lightbulbs, and reviewing the service guide for your thermostat.

Common Electrical Issues:

This video will discuss some of the common electrical issues we see customers experiencing and how to avoid them. These issues include improper functioning of the heating and cooling system, improper kilowattage on a generator, lack of brownout kit, not powering everything off each night, and plugging in devices that need constant power to the wrong outlets.

Water Connections:

When setting up your unit we want your experience to be as satisfying and easy as possible. Be aware that the plumbing in your new office already has all the fixtures in place. This video reviews the importance of flushing all supply lines prior to connecting your unit at the main connection point, ensuring water utility lines have a pressure of 40 to 60 pounds to properly function, setting the regulator to the correct pressure range if onsite tanked water needs to be used, eliminating all air from the hot side of the taps before turning on the power to the water heater, and keeping the building powered until the day of pick-up to prevent frozen pipes if in an area where temperatures dip below freezing.

We hope these videos are helpful! If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800.225.6539 for further assistance.


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