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Modular Classroom

Modular Classrooms Available for Immediate Delivery in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho to Combat Space Challenges in School Districts

As the new school year approaches, school districts nationwide are facing unprecedented challenges in accommodating the evolving needs of their students while ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment. In response to this pressing issue, Pacific Mobile Structures, a leading provider of modular construction solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of modular classrooms available for immediate delivery in Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho. These units present an opportune solution for school districts that might have missed the summer installation window.  

In light of fluctuating student populations and evolving educational requirements, Pacific Mobile Structures recognizes the need for flexible and adaptable spaces. These modular classrooms offer school districts a timely alternative to traditional construction, providing well-equipped learning environments without the lengthy timelines typically associated with building expansion. 

“We want school districts to know that if they order a classroom today, they can get the space they need in a matter of weeks with little site disruption,” said Brad Fallentine, Pacific Mobile Structures Custom Sales Manager. 

With a commitment to quality, Pacific Mobile Structures’ modular classrooms are designed and constructed to meet rigorous safety standards and educational specifications. Each unit offers ample space, natural light, proper ventilation, and a comfortable atmosphere that contributes to an optimal learning experience for students.  

“We understand that school districts are facing unforeseen challenges when it comes to classroom space,” said Angie Concepcion, Pacific Mobile Structures’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our modular classrooms are a testament to our dedication to supporting education by providing solutions that can be quickly implemented without compromising on quality.”  

These modular classrooms are not only a short-term fix but a long-term investment in the education landscape. Their flexibility allows school districts to adjust to changing needs over time. The Pacific Mobile Structures team is ready to help schools determine what they need and get it to them when they need it and how they want it with the utmost speed and ease. 

Additionally, because Pacific Mobile Structures is an awarded vendor for permanent modular construction and portable building services through the King County Directors’ Association (KCDA), these classrooms can be purchased through the cooperative purchasing contract to save time and money. 

Reach out to our team to learn more about the availability, customization options, and benefits of these modular classrooms. 


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