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San Ysidro California Border Patrol Office

The United States was experiencing an influx of immigrants crossing its Southern California border amid a complete remodel of their existing facility and surrounding infrastructure including, freeways, overpasses, bridge systems, and checkpoints. The U.S. Federal Government contracted Hensel Phelps to complete the project. Hensel Phelps needed to find a temporary
modular structure to serve as an interim facility while they demoed and rebuilt the existing facility.

Accelerated Modular, Pacific Mobile Structures-owned company, won the bid because they could offer cost savings through a value engineering approach and an expedited schedule. Plus, there was a strong synergy and values fit between the two companies.

The 144X120 square foot holding, processing, and office and administration building boasts exceptional features. It is controlled access through keycard, keypad or controlled keys through prison-grade doors. The walls feature doublelayer drywall with high impact resistance and nine-gauge expanded metal within the walls and Epoxy flooring for maximum security.

The building offers an institutional side and an office and administrative side. On the institutional side, there is a nursing triage area that includes a pat-down area, metal detector, processing and waiting area, men’s and women’s showers, examination area, and storage for personal items. There are high-risk areas, two rubber rooms, four containment rooms, four interview rooms, and a food prep and dining room. Between the food prep and dining room is an electric roll-down


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