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Electrical Standards and Requirements for Your Mobile Office Trailer

We receive a lot of questions about the electrical standards and requirements of our units, so we thought we’d discuss some common electrical issues we see customers experiencing to help you avoid them and give you a resource to refer back to. 

Common Questions 

First things first, you must use a qualified, licensed electrician to connect your new building. Once an electrician is on site, they’ll typically ask the following questions to which we’ve provided our answers:  

How much power do our mobile office trailers need? 
Our answer: 125 amps/per box. 
What size is the panel?  
Our answer: 125-amp single phase, 120/240 exterior mount sub panel (unless we specify otherwise). 

Additionally, for proper functioning of your heating and cooling system, determine if you have 208 or 240 volts as your power source. Advise your electrician that the HVAC has a dual power tap that will need to be moved to the 208 prong if that is your supplied power voltage. 


If you plan to use a generator to power your office, it is critical that you use one of sufficient kilowatts to meet the office unit’s load center requirements. 

You must have a brownout kit added to the inbound panel to prevent damage to your lights, cooling and heating unit, and anything else you have plugged in. Remember to turn everything off each night before powering off the generator, so you start unloaded at the beginning of each day.   

Power Outlets 

There are outlets located along the exterior of your office and designated wet areas that are ground fault protected. All of our units are built to the latest building codes of the year they are constructed. Newer units will have LED lighting and sensors to adjust interior lighting based on motion and light from your windows. Some outlets are controlled by motion sensors and will shut off when the unit is unoccupied. These outlets are marked, and you should avoid plugging in devices that need constant power. If your lights or power outlets are acting in a manner that interferes with your ability to utilize your office effectively don’t hesitate to reach out to our service department. 

Watch the video below to see this information in action and, as always, reach out to us if you have any questions or need further assistance. We’re always happy to help! 


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