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2022 Pacific Mobile Scholarship Recipient Ellie Josephson

Pacific Mobile is proud to offer students pursuing a career in architecture at Portland State University with scholarships. We created this scholarship program after a long-standing collaborative partnership with Portland State University’s School of Architecture. We teamed up with Portland State University students and Blazer Industries to create the Smart Academic Green Environment (SAGE) classroom prototype after our owner, Garth Haakenson, was introduced to PSU professors in the architecture program, Sergio Palleroni, and Margarette Leite.

Professors Palleroni and Leite shared with Mr. Haakenson that they were committed to designing a healthier environment that would improve the learning experience for students. With many standard relocatable classrooms being designed to minimum code standards, Palleroni and Leite were ready to seek change. It just so happened that their goal aligned with Mr. Haakenson’s, and upon seeing the initial concept of their design, he immediately wanted to get involved in the project and bring it to market.

This partnership gave PSU architecture students a new hands-on opportunity to jump in and solve a real-world problem, as they imagined a new reality for relocatable classroom space. Today, Pacific Mobile has installed over 100 SAGE classrooms throughout Washington and Oregon as a result of that partnership. SAGE combines the latest thinking in healthy learning environments with the best in green building practices. The result is a cost-effective, award-winning, relocatable classroom alternative. Last year, the SAGE line expanded with the introduction of the SAGE Campus which offers all the benefits of the SAGE Classroom across an entire school building. 

To continue to serve the PSU community, we are honored to offer financial support in addition to hands-on opportunities to inspire rising architecture professionals to consider a career in modular construction and improve the communities where they live. 

Ellie Josephson is our 2022 scholarship recipient. Ellie will be graduating this June with her Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from Portland State University School of Architecture. 

Ellie’s interest in design began at an early age when she attended an art-focused school during her early education. When she reached high school, her interests led her to the more specific path of graphic design and visual arts. She realized that graphic design and visual arts are interconnected with architecture when she did a photography internship for an architecture firm. What started as a photography position ended up in Ellie designing a tiny home. She had stumbled on a newfound passion. 

When she reached undergraduate, she continued to pursue architecture. She loves the empowerment it provides and the impact an architect can have through thoughtful design. In fact, one particular area that she would like to make a difference in is housing. As she prepares to graduate this June, she’s interested in helping to make a difference by creating affordable housing. She’s currently taking a class that focuses on bringing up the density of suburbs in Portland to bring more housing to the area.  

After graduation, Ellie wants to work in Portland and give back to the community that gave so much to her. While she’s not sure what that looks like yet, she’s taking it step by step and realizing the more she learns, the more she doesn’t know. She currently does freelance retail design on the side and will be doing a landscaping design internship in the summer.  

For Ellie, this scholarship empowered her to concentrate on her studies and do her very best. At Pacific Mobile, we can’t wait to watch Ellie’s career unfold and we’re honored to be able to support her as it starts to take shape. Congratulations Ellie! 


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