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11 Mile Solar – Blattner Energy

Blattner Energy was building a solar plant in a remote area and they needed a jobsite office space for the construction crew to work out of for the duration of the project. They turned to Pacific Mobile Structures to provide them with the temporary space they needed. Pacific Mobile Structures provided six brand new buildings and configured them in a U-shape that flows into the parking lot, allowing for the different teams working on the project to collaborate effectively and efficiently and have proper oversight of the property.  

A 24X60 building features a classroom environment for training and badging, a 12X44 building features a nursing station for safety and first aid, and a 48X60 building features a large open floorplan for a co-collaboration space in addition the other buildings. The exterior of the buildings features steps, skirting and stock colors, and an above-grade set. All buildings are outfitted with air conditioning to maintain a comfortable work environment amidst the harsh conditions of the desert. 

This is one of Pacific Mobile Structures’ first notably sized projects in Arizona that supports Arizona’s growth and expansion of its resources such as power and water for its growing population.


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