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Hope Lane Project

A large gas and electric company had to leave a leased location and found it to be an opportunity to purchase property for a new location in a nearby city. The former property they were leasing wasn’t large enough for their operations anyway, and with rental rates increasing, they made the decision to invest in a piece of property that truly fit their needs. 

The property was an open asphalt lot with nothing but a small building that was in use by the previous owners. The company needed to be operational at their new property in a matter of months, presenting a timeline too quick for the permanent office they needed to be built. In an effort to make the impossible possible, they turned to Pacific Mobile Structures for a temporary office solution that would meet their needs while they worked to build a permanent stick built structure. 

They purchased two 60X60 B-Occupancy administrative office buildings from Pacific Mobile Structures, complete with awnings and aluminum common decking, ramps, and stairs. The buildings were placed on one corner of the lot, facing the access road in a location that’s highly visible from the highway. Once their permanent stick-built office is built, the company will repurpose these buildings on another site in the future, which is why they opted for two 60X60 buildings. 

They had previously worked with Pacific Mobile Structures and knew them for their quality and their ability to deliver a fully customized solution. The company’s architect drew up some plans and handed them off to Pacific Mobile Structures, who translated their needs into a modular application right down to the key card access and light fixtures.  

For cost savings, only one of the buildings was connected to plumbing. The interior of that building features two large meeting rooms divided by an STC-rated accordion wall. Each of the meeting rooms have their own dedicated coffee bars. Additionally, there is a separate coffee and breakroom area for the site workers, a dedicated grounded IT room with its own air conditioning system, and a janitor’s closet. The building also has men’s and women’s restrooms and a unisex handicap restroom. All the bathrooms feature touchless faucets. The men’s restroom features a trough-style sink.  

The interior of the dry building features casework, cubicles, huddle rooms, file rooms, print rooms, and conference rooms. Both buildings feature dual pane windows with custom miniblinds and custom flooring throughout, with a mix of carpet tiles and luxury vinyl plank. The restrooms contain sheet vinyl flooring with FRP walls. 

The buildings have a standard exterior with skirting. Split system HVAC units are pad-mounted at the back of the building with air handlers in the attic space for zone controls throughout the offices and Pacific Mobile Structures not only provided doors with card entry access, but they also supplied the electrical services for this customization.  

With this project taking place in 2022 with a tight deadline, supply chain issues and severe storms posed unique challenges to overcome to complete this project. However, what made this project special is not only the level of customization that went into it, but the way the general contractor and Pacific Mobile Structures worked as a true team to get the job done with the utmost speed and ease.  


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