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Portland Public Schools - Lincoln High School

Lincoln High is the oldest school in Portland, Oregon. After a fire had destroyed two existing portables, Portland Public Schools needed to quickly and affordably replace the old structures with new classroom space. This building accommodates high school students with four separate classrooms, two stand-alone restroom units, a 14-foot-wide welcome ramp, and a steel canopy system.

Portland Public Schools was looking for a sustainable solution and found the perfect solution in the SAGE Classroom. SAGE combines the latest thinking in healthy learning environments and green construction. BIOPCM Phase Change material was used in the walls to act as a thermal mass to stabilize the indoor temperature. Large overhangs were designed to protect the classroom from unwanted heat gain. Low-velocity ceiling fans and high ceilings aid in ventilation and energy efficiency. Skylights, along with larger clerestory windows, were installed in each classroom to add natural lighting and reduce the amount of energy used. Due to the historic landscape surrounding the school, special precautions had to be taken to ensure that there was no longterm altering of the surrounding area.


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