Sales Team

Sales Manager, Kenna Draper, has been part of the Pacific Mobile Team since 2005. She started out as a Federal Project Coordinator and Leasing Coordinator, documenting control for contracts, lower tier subcontracts, and verification for contract validity. Today, she oversees the performance of our branch in Boise, Idaho where she manages the Pacific Mobile GSA schedule as an authorized negotiations and contract administrator. Kenna takes pride in developing strong customer, vendor, and internal team networks.

Kenna Draper

Sales Manager
Boise Branch
Bud Smith has over 25 years of experience in the modular construction industry. For the past 15 years, he’s served as a sales representative, but the previous 10 years as an install tech, foreman, and project manager. As result, he knows the industry from top to bottom. He understands how important honesty and integrity are and goes out of his way to ensure those traits are honored in every relationship and project he works on.

Bud Smith

Sales Manager
Marysville Branch
With 21 years at Pacific Mobile, Amy Hartnell has expertise in sales, stock rentals, and special events. She is passionate about helping clients and ensuring their experience working with us is nothing short of exceptional. Amy loves a good challenge, pays close attention to detail, and is committed to honesty.

Amy Hartnell

Sales Consultant
Oregon City Branch
Misty Jones has garnered over 7 years of diverse sales experience and prides herself on developing meaningful relationships with customers to build trust and loyalty. She plays an important role in the retention of our more than 80% repeat businesses clientele. As our Sales Manager, she provides a consistent standardized customer experience across all regions and locations.

Misty Jones

Sales Manager
Modesto Branch
Michael Thompson is the Regional Sales Manager serving Southern California and Texas. Michael began his career in construction as a Carpenter where he learned the basics of construction from banging a hammer to reading blueprints. In 2001, he then moved his way into the Modular Construction Industry. Before making his way to Pacific Mobile in 2006, he worked for a variety of companies in our industry and has worn many hats such as Sales, Estimating, Project, and Construction Manager.

Michael Thompson

Regional Sales Manager
Menifee & Texas Branch
Jason Vega has over 10 years of experience in the modular construction industry on the sales, operations, and project management sides. As a Sales Manager, Jason helps customers from point of design all the way through project completion. Jason values the relationships he has with his customers and is with them every step of the way.

Jason Vega

Sales Manager
Oregon City Branch
Patrick Allen works tirelessly to ensure every student has the opportunity to learn in a healthy classroom. Patrick takes pride in the innovative SAGE classroom and Campus and seeing students and teachers successfully conduct class in this groundbreaking environment.

Patrick Allen

Sales Representative
Major Projects
Josh Aselton has been a part of the Pacific Mobile team for 13 years. He started out on the set crew and then moved to Service Tech, Service Manager, Sales, and he now serves as the Regional Sales Manager. Josh’s broad experience has empowered him to understand every aspect of the job from start to finish. He takes pride in treating every customer how he would want to be treated; with the same level of attention to detail, whether it’s a container or a large custom project.

Josh Aselton

Regional Sales Manager
Spokane & Pasco Branch
With over 20 years in the modular construction industry, Mike O’Brien ensures you receive the best customer experience possible. He prides himself on keeping his word, and his work is proof of just that.

Mike O'Brien

VP of Sales
Major Projects
With over 10 years and $5 million dollars' worth of sales experience, Tom Ruth has turned his attention specifically toward custom modular construction since 2018. Being one of Pacific Mobile's space planning and design experts, Tom specializes in turnkey projects complete with three-dimensional rendering presentations and interior furniture layouts. On a daily basis, he helps customer ideas go from thoughts to reality by bringing them to life via personalized computer models while including his experienced advice every step of the way.

Tom Ruth

Sales Consultant
Ceres Branch
Sal Crivello has over 14 years of industry experience and joined Pacific Mobile 3 years ago as a Sales Consultant. He handles all sales and leasing needs for San Diego and Imperial County. In his spare time, Sal enjoys the outdoors and playing sports with his three children.

Sal Crivello

Sales Consultant
Menifee Branch
Holly Fraser brings 7 years of experience in the modular industry. She shares her unique knowledge of the dynamic applications of modular construction to provide building solutions tailored to fit client needs. Holly seeks values driven relationships to bring Pacific Mobile’s exceptional customer service and quality product to the Texas and South-Central markets.

Holly O'Neil

Sales Consultant
Texas Branch
Sandra Tordoff is a Pacific Mobile Sales Consultant that has been in the modular construction industry for 35 years. For Sandra, her customers come first. Building positive relationships is important to her. She sees every customer as a team member and works hard to match our products to their unique and individual wants and needs.

Sandra Tordoff

Sales Consultant
Menifee Branch
Deann Smoke has over 25 years of experience in the modular construction industry in both leasing and sales. She loves working with people and helping them solve their space needs and requirements. Whether it is a basic lease of a mobile office, a complicated mobile or modular project, relocate of a mobile/modular building, or just outfitting a unit with furniture; Deann finds it satisfying to deliver the perfect unit and know that she worked together with the customer to come up with the best solution for their unique needs.

Deann Smoke

Senior Sales Consultant
Boise Branch

Leadership Team

Garth Haakenson has been in the modular construction industry for over 25 years. He started out working on the Pacific Mobile construction crews in the late 80' and early 90's. Over the years he has self-performed and managed all aspects of the business from sales to operations. In 2011, he had the honor of taking over company-wide leadership responsibilities from his dad who founded the company back in 1985. He enjoys pursuing new opportunities to grow the company while maintaining a fun and enjoyable working environment.

Garth Haakenson

CEO / President
Casey Sullivan joined Pacific Mobile in 2017 and has 16 years of experience in the finance and construction industries, having spent the first 12 years of his career in the banking industry. He oversees the Accounting and IT departments and is passionate about leveraging technology and automation to the more efficiently serve customers.

Casey Sullivan

Sean Butler is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in the Rental Industry. At Pacific Mobile, Sean oversees an operations team that is dedicated to providing the highest quality product to our customers with safety at the forefront. Additionally, Sean leads our People Operations and is focused on employee development and supporting a culture of engagement, growth & long-term career opportunities.

Sean Butler

Senior VP of Construction and Workforce Housing, Tom Coyle, offers more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. His leadership results in an impeccable record of meeting deadlines and budgets while serving customers with the highest quality product and service in the industry.

Tom Coyle

SVP of Construction and Development
As she approaches two decades of service with Pacific Mobile, Angie Concepcion continues to prove she is a tremendous asset to the Modular Building Industry. Her diverse experience within multiple departments gives her a unique ability to see things from all perspectives and truly understand how each role plays a vital part in the company's overall success. Her experience, combined with unparalleled leadership skills, creative thinking, and eye for design has cultivated an unrivaled dedication from her Sales and Marketing staff.

Angie Concepcion

Director of Sales and Marketing
James Lunsford has over 25 years of experience managing teams and processes that incorporate complex sourcing, procurement and contracting. James has a deep working knowledge of industry procurement and operations with a drive for cost savings, while keeping an eye to providing best-overall value sourcing.

James Lunsford

Director of Strategic Sourcing
Kevin Aleshire has been working in the IT field for over 22 years. Kevin leads the development and IT operations teams at Pacific Mobile, designing and implementing solutions in a highly virtualized environment. His favorite part of his job is working with internal stakeholders to solve complex problems and develop efficient solutions for our staff, which provides a smoother customer experience.

Kevin Aleshire

Director of Information Technology
Lisa Kinsman brings 10 years of Human Resources experience to the Pacific Mobile team. Six of those years she has spent with Pacific Mobile on the People Operations Team. Lisa is dedicated to supporting company initiatives, programs, employees, and the management team. She takes pride in working to acquire and retain the best talent in the industry that sets Pacific Mobile apart.

Lisa Kinsman

Director of People Operations