Speed and ease - the Pacific Mobile difference.

Ask any of our thousands of customers over almost four decades. They’ll tell you just how easy and pleasurable it is to do business with us.

The Pacific Mobile story

Founded in 1983, Pacific Mobile Structures came from very humble beginnings as a start-up with two employees on a one-acre property. As the company nears its 40th year in business, nearly 200 employees across nine branch locations maintain a rental fleet of over 5,000 mobile offices, and handle custom modular construction projects.

As a family-owned company, we’re able to work with you in a way that’s unique in the modular industry. That’s with a relentless, customer-first commitment. Whether you need to lease a relocatable modular office or purchase a new, custom-built structure, it is reflected in every dealing with you. From the condition of our modular buildings, to our staff talent, to the speed and ease with which you receive our buildings.

When you lease with us, you get a freshly reconditioned, well-maintained structure that’s delivered on time, meets your specifications and is workforce-ready on day one. Whether you need custom walls or partitions, accessibility ramps, steps, or furnishings, we’ll supply and deliver them on schedule so your teams are ready to work from the get-go. After the structure is set, your Pacific Mobile rep, service and maintenance teams will serve as your advocates for any on-site issues — and within our standard 24-hour response time.

When you want to purchase a building, if it’s modular, we do it — from brand-new buildings to relocation services for existing structures. We have fostered strong factory relationships, and we can provide you everything from innovative SAGE modular school buildings with green design and environmental features to two-story complexes encompassing tens of thousands of square feet. In many cases, you can procure your structure through one of our high-volume cooperative purchasing contracts. With experienced site superintendents, project managers, engineers, and site crews all on staff, we turnkey your project with professionalism.

No matter your individual requirements, you can be assured you’re working with a relationship-driven, construction-savvy, experienced firm. Large enough to deliver on big, custom modular construction projects almost anywhere in the western U.S. and Texas, but family owned and privately held. That means you’ll never catch us cutting corners or compromising on service to please shareholders.

Factory construction allows better quality management with the application of rigid protocols and rigorous testing. Each modular subassembly is engineered to withstand the stresses of transportation and being craned onto a foundation. Once assembled and sealed, they become one integrated wall, floor, and roof assembly that is generally stronger than an equivalent site-built design. 

Moreover, with approximately 80% of construction activity moved from the site location to the factory, there is significantly less vehicle traffic and general site disruption. This is especially valued at sites that need to operate with a normal level of activity throughout construction, such as in healthcare and education. Schools especially value modular because the compressed timeframes often allow the entire project to be completed over the summer in time for fall classes.

Expert staff

Across our team, we’ve worked in every industry and have the expertise and experience to put your space to work quickly, with knowledge of site development, utility connections, and building codes.

Personal attention, deep resources

Staffing through our regional offices gives you a personal representative who knows you and knows your local market, but we share our pooled know-how across all of our locations.

Invested in relationships

We’re family owned, so we’re not pressured to cut corners or compromise on service to please shareholders. Our long-term, unwavering commitment to customers comes through in everything we do.