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Debbie Williams Years of Service

Debbie Williams is Celebrating 25 Years at Pacific Mobile

Over the past 25 years, Pacific Mobile Structures has grown and evolved. Branch Manager Debbie Williams has been there through it all. Starting as a receptionist, Debbie quickly jumped in wherever help was needed. She then worked her way through different company departments, moving from a receptionist into accounting and then on to sales, where she found her passion in sales and leading people.

Debbie isn’t just exceptional at what she does. She always has a good disposition with customers and fellow employees. Co-workers enjoy working with Debbie because she’s direct, detail-oriented, and very fun.

CEO, Garth Haakenson remembers about ten years ago when Pacific Mobile was growing a lot. It was imperative to him that the company didn’t lose track of where they came from. “Debbie was always one of those big supporters of that. I remember when we were going through some changes and discussing what we like and what we miss. Debbie piped up and said, ‘You know, I miss the burgers your dad used to cook for us and the ice cream we used to have afterward. That was pretty cool.”

Over the past 25 years, Debbie has kept us moving forward with her dedication, good attitude, and flexibility while being a force that continuously keeps us connected to our roots.


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