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Retail Store Remodels - FM 198, 613, & 685

A major retail store was remodeling three of its locations in the State of Idaho – One location in Boise and two locations in Meridian. Because they didn’t want to shut down the stores and disrupt shoppers, they decided to do all remodeling work at night. They needed secure, weather-proof storage to hold the new fixtures, flooring, and other remodeling materials during the day.

Pacific Mobile Structures provided 23 8X40 containers at one location, 32 8X20 containers and 8 8X40 containers at another, and 14 8X20 containers and 16 8X40 containers at the third location. The storage containers were placed onsite in the parking lots of each location in less-used areas close to the stores behind fences so that the remodeling materials could be moved in and out with ease.

The major retail store decided to work with Pacific Mobile because we were able to pull enough containers from all of our branches across the Western United States, managing supply chains to ensure availability for this customer in a way that others couldn’t. We provided a one-stop shopping experience as we were also able to supply their construction offices for two of the sites. Because we were the only vendor on this project, we worked with their general contractors and handled all communication with vendors for them, and provided them with updates. This allowed them to focus entirely on the remodel without having to coordinate between two different vendors.

What makes this project so unique is the sheer size, coordination, and logistics it required. Every single Pacific Mobile branch contributed something, and containers were brought in from as far as Seattle.


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